Opportunities arise when you least expect them.

Grandma Whitley's

Several Years Ago…

I had the idea of trying to make my grandmother's peanut brittle, so I could enjoy it. She passed away in 1991, so it had been a while since I had any. My mom found the recipe, so I started making it at home and it tasted just like grandmas! Then came the idea of putting together a business to sell it, but with my wife and I both in the middle of our careers, the idea never materialized.

However, in 2009, I was laid off. After a career in finance, I now had the opportunity to put this idea into motion.

It has been a truly personal experience. A longtime friend helped me design the company logo and this website, my grandmother's portrait is part of the logo, and I purchased the peanuts from a peanut co-op in Franklin, Virgina, my mom's hometown.

I take pride in every aspect of this venture and hope you enjoy our products as much as I do.

John Sparzak


Posted: April, 2012

We are very excited! Our brittle is a hit with local vendors.

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